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Универсальный солдат 4 торрент [23 Aug 2012|10:23pm]

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Peepshow: the Artwork of Karl Christian [05 Jan 2010|09:30am]


click here to see more of Karl Christian's portfolio

This Friday, January 8, 2010 at 6:00pm!!!

A new gallery of almost two dozen pieces by Karl Christian Krumpholz (Modern Drunkard Magazine, SLG Publishing's 'Byron') from his some of his recent illustrated series including:

- Barflies, Boozers, Bastards
- Horror Icons
- Jazz and Cabaret Stars
- Zombies!
- as well from his comic series 'Byron: Die, Byron! Die!'

Opening being held at:

Tooeys Off Colfax
1521 Marion Street
Denver, CO 80218

Stop by for artwork, music, and drink specials!
rock it!

Literary Scene in Denver [17 Nov 2009|08:54pm]

Hello everyone,

I'm planning on moving to Denver from Long Beach in a year or so and I guess I'm trying to get a feel for the city/job opportunities etc. Upon my arrival I'll have a BA in Creative Writing and Literature and an experience at a Literary Arts Center in Los Angeles. I'm considering going into the MA Publishing program at DU, but not entirely sold on it. I think I'd like to do publishing but I'm open to pretty much any literary-involved job. Not picky, just looking for something to pay the bills at this point. Small presses (or coporate houses), literary magazines, indie bookstores, reading venues, etc. I know about the Tattered Cover and Mercury Cafe as reading venues, but I'd like to hear about some more. Any information would be really appreciated!


(apologies in advance for crossposting)
rock it!

art auction [11 Sep 2009|02:50pm]


help kids, donate art!
we need art pieces to auction off to help keep music in schools through the Hot Topic Foundation. we have only received about 10 pieces & need many more. just drop them off at any Hot Topic by Sept. 25th. the show is Sept. 27th at Sol Tribe on Broadway.
the pieces may be any size or medium.

rock it!

This is going to be a great show! [12 Aug 2009|07:43pm]

 Flyer6 by you.

Check out their myspace. They put a really theatrical performance!

rock it!

Disco Circus Sunday!!! [03 Aug 2009|11:45pm]

RockBar,Glamazon,Matt Black,Kitchy Ami

Although it's coined as Denver's Ultimate Disco party, you'll hear anything from top Disco, to New Wave and Electroclash... and of course GLAM!
rock it!

Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes! [30 Jun 2009|08:03pm]

Hey there! There's a new band in Miami working on a myspace right now but if you like experimental indie music check it out. The band is called Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes. Check them out at


Feel free to leave a comment! Thanks!
rock it!

Russian Indie?? [26 Jun 2009|01:54am]

Force Major is a Russian trio from Rockville MD and have been all living in the states for some time now. They've got an english debut album which you can download at their website at www.forcemajormusic.com. 

 Two of the three songs posted here are in Russian. Have a listen a don't forget to visit the website to find out more about the band and leave them a message. 

official website: www.forcemajormusic.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/forcemajor


1 ; rock it!

Trying to complete a Post-Punk/Deathrock band - Know any players? [14 Jun 2009|09:24pm]

Beryl Beloved is an alternative rock outfit looking for an additional Guitarist, a Drummer and a Bassist. We're based in Colorado Springs, but working in a studio near Denver; so pretty open to practice space at an in-between point if you're closer to Denver than we are. If you're in the Springs, well - even better! I have original material and would like to get a couple more people behind me so we can all take this to the next level. Preference is that you be over 18, or at least not tied up too much with school.

The genres are mainly Post-Punk, New Wave, and Gothic Rock, but it's based around all kinds of modes of Classic Rock.
Influences range from the Beatles to Bowie, from Siouxsie & the Banshees to U2, and a slew of things in between. A lot of you here are going to be familiar with the Sisters of Mercy, the March Violets, the Southern Death Cult or The Cult, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Joy Division, The Cure, Virgin Prunes - so you should know exactly where this project is rooted. I'm not necessarily looking for technical wizards, but just people who know where this is coming from stylistically and/or can develop a good feel for this very quickly.

I have opportunities now working with an experienced producer (of 20+ years) and a sound engineer in Morrison/Littleton. Band members need to be willing to spend a good chunk of Saturdays recording in Morrison as well as have transportation (you are welcome to ride along). Plan on two or three practices a week (I'm flexible time-wise) so we can be prepared for every studio session we schedule. Once we're able to lay down a good amount of studio material, we're going to jump right into heavy distribution and promotion. The producer I'm working with has all of the right connections - no nonsense.

I want to get this off the ground and into the spotlight. Recording, putting out records, and touring are all on the table. NO drugs or baggage, no funny business, no slackers. I'm looking for people who are confident with what they're doing, both off and on stage. If this sounds like a fit for any of you here, or you otherwise know someone, just comment. I can give you some contact info personally after that.
1 ; rock it!

[08 Jun 2009|01:46am]


RockBar,Matt Black,Kitchy Ami,Glamazon

Disco, New Wave, Electroclash, & of course GLAM !
Don't Miss This Dance Extravaganza!
You will get the chance to dance your butt of to Donna Summer, Village People, KC & The Sunshine Band, Ladytron, Fischerspooner,
David Bowie, Queen, Erasure, Duran Duran, New Order, & MORE
rock it!

TOMORROW NIGHT AT LIPGLOSS [07 May 2009|08:16am]

Tomorrow night at LIPGLOSS we welcome guest DJ

ESL Records, NYC

$7 Cover
21+ ID Required
$2 G&Ts • $2 PBRs
at La Rumba
99 W. 9th Ave. (9th & Broadway) - 303-572-8006
rock it!

Sunday [23 Mar 2009|11:33am]

[ mood | excited ]

Don't miss this weeks Rock-It !!!
Playing the best indie from 70's, 80's, 90's, & Current.
Nick Cave to The Killers. Pink Floyd to War On Drugs.


Want to hear something different or a song lost in time? Shoot me your request now to make sure I have it!
rock it!

Sunday Indie Night @ Old Curtis Street [18 Feb 2009|04:54pm]


This will be the first night of an upcoming weekly Sunday Indie night.
We will be playing current hits, favorites, & long forgotten past loves. Playing everything no one else will !
S.I.N. specials @ the bar
Chill, Hang out, & Get ready for the week!
Starts this Sunday 2/22 @ 9pm
rock it!

TONIGHT: LIPGLOSS with Depressed Buttons (The Faint) [13 Feb 2009|11:00am]


(Todd & Jacob of The Faint)



Tickets: $6 Advance / $8 at the door

Every Friday at La Rumba
99 W. 9th Ave, Denver
(303) 572-8006

Flier below cutCollapse )
rock it!

[27 Jan 2009|10:02am]

with resident djs Dogboy & Tyler "Danger" Jacobson

and very special guest dj
(formerly of Portishead, the man behind The Document mixes)

Andy is only doing 2 shows in America and one of them is at MHSC. This will be extra special because Andy is limiting his sets to play only soul... just like you'd expect from MHSC.

Those who make it out for this will be talking about it for years to come.

at Rockbar
3015 E. Colfax in the All-In Motel

Andy Smith on MySpace

Flyer behind cutCollapse )
rock it!

Dance-O-Tron This Saturday [06 Jan 2009|03:05pm]

hi dive,hi dive,kasett,dance-o-tron,danceotron,sara t

With DJ's Eon Tek & Kasett
rock it!

Dance-O-Tron Jan. 10th [29 Dec 2008|10:18am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

January 10th, 2009

I will be DJing the second set of this danceotron. Along with Eon Tek, Sara T, & guest DJ's.
Expect something NEW & DIFFERENT.

rock it!

[28 Nov 2008|11:13am]


6 Denver DJs rotating 3 song sets all night long.

at La Rumba
99 W. 9th Ave.
Doors at 9
$6 Cover starts at 10 PM
21+ ID Required
$2 PBRs and $2 Gin and Tonics.

Full lineup details behind the cutCollapse )
rock it!

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